First cuts in aluminum

I made my first cuts and engravings in alumnium with my Lowrider2. Thanks to all the recommended settings and router bit tips, they tourned out pretty well :slight_smile:
4mm sheet with 400mm/min and 1mm DOC went very well. A little bit chatter, but I found out that some roller bearings on the Z rollers were a liitle loose… will have to fix that

I made a fanshroud for my Lotus Exige Sports Car which always had to fight with heat in the engine bay. The additional fan should solve that problem

Cheers Richard


Neat! And neat ride! :+1:


That looks like a big job.

Super sharp!!

I also made a short video


What bit are you using for that? Looks like it’s not having any trouble at all. Thanks for sharing!

The reflection on the aluminum really messed eith my head for a minute :). Nice work.

That’s a 1 flute 3,175mm bit with polished slot to avoid aluminum sticking to it.
The shop in Germany is called fixxtools:

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Next aluminium part on my lowrider… a new 2mm diffuser plate without cutout for the exhaust for my Exige. Went really good!
1,25mm DOC at 600mm/min


I really like seeing this. I’m working on a kit car, and there is a ton of stuff I can do once I get past the wiring. I can’t wait until I’m at a point where I can start milling flat parts to do stuff and look cool!
Please keep posting these!


I think we’re gonna need to see a build thread, there is after all a Random section. :grin:

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I’d planned on it, I’ve I ever cnc anything for it. So far just drilling holes and a little bit of welding.

I look forward to it! What kit/engine?

Factory 5 818 with the 2.5 wrx motor

NICE! :+1:

Should be big fun!

Very nice and interesting build! :+1: keep up the good work!

I wish I already had the lowrider im earlier days :slight_smile: that would have saved me a lot of time in several car projects…
Cheers Richard

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