First Few Projects and Those to Come

Excited to have a few projects under my belt with the MPCNC now!

Here are a few…

First take at a LED lit acrylic and wood desk sign. The colors can be changed by touching the wood surface behind the letter D. There is a coil of wire inside a pocketed hole that can sense your fingers with capacitive sensing.

And this specific set of boards was not made with the MPCNC… but they were part of my motivation to build one! I would really like to replace the vinyl decals on the boards with a CNC’d logo that is filled with epoxy and lit with LEDs just like the other edges.

For anyone unfamiliar they are boards for a yard game called Cornhole. These boards are lit with WS2812b led strips that are controlled by ESP32’s. the ESP32’s communicate wirelessly and also have sensors to detect bag impacts and bags that make it into the hole. This was my very first arduino project!


I like the Blues/Cardinals carving a lot!

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I like the stl blues logo also. How can I get my hands on that file?


I just made it up in Photoshop. I can send you the svg if you would like.

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Yeah that’s would be great! Thanks