First Inlay - Walnut in Ash silhouette

This was a gift for the parents. It’s based on a photo of the kids skipping rocks into Georgian Bay.
Traced the outlines in Inkscape, F-Engrave for the gcode.
Not perfect, but I think I know what to fix going forward.


Amazing. Inlays in my opinion are the epitome of CNC. You have to know how to do all the things to make it happen…and you have to do them all just about perfectly. Great Job

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Doing inlays is like Ginger Rogers dancing with Fred Astaire. You have to know how to do everything, but backwards, and in heels. You were wearing heels at the time, right? It’s in the by-laws. Right here, section 12.3, subsection C… Wait wrong group again… Never mind.


Now I know what I missed!


Very nice! I look forward to trying an inlay project myself. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is REALLY cool. Even the frame! What did you color the frame with?

They will love it for years and years.

The method in Zank & Durrant’s tutorial worked like a charm for me.

Thanks @stevempotter!
The frame color is Cabernet aka “magic” from this thread by @thejat

To figure it out I followed a couple of youtube videos and this site: F-Engrave
But it wasn’t perfect so next time I’m going to try adjustments from @bryanw53 mentioned here.
And now I’m also going to look over the info in the tutorial you mention.