First Layer

In the setup for the extruder ( you say that if the height for the first layer isn’t right “You can manually adjust the height during the skirt print to fine tune it.” How exactly? Pause and move axis?

I’ve gotten some excellent prints with the recommended settings, but getting to the magic butter zone of keeping them stuck down without forcing the nozzle so close it can’t extrude is proving difficult to master.

Twist that Pineapple coupler while it’s printing (if your using the MPCNC)! Usually a click or two is all you need. If you are having a hard time getting it right make a few more skirt loops to give yourself more time. After some practice you’ll be able to get it right every time. For a machine with no end stops your should be starting with the nozzle touching the surface. There are a bunch of guides out there saying a business card or piece of paper should fit under the nozzle, not for us, touching is what you want. When the print starts it should first pick up the correct first layer height then move.

Ah, okay. The Z-axis was fairly resistant to twisting when I first gave that a try, so I was afraid forcing the stepper was a no-no and I was doing something wrong. It seems like this machine is a lot less delicate than I’m giving it credit for.

HAHA, There is a video out there you might find funny because of that. They have the machine doing pushups, the feet are not bolted down and they are using the z axis to lift the whole machine up with it, kinda funny to watch. I’ll see if I can find it.

Wow! I can tell this machine is going to require me to unlearn a lot of hard learned lessons. I guess it’s a little silly to be worried about breaking this thing, at least mechanically, considering how even if it WAS flimsy I am able to fabricate every single piece of it and I have spares for all the electronics.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of the z axis and me being worried about breaking it, the Z-axis stepper is much warmer than the others. My IR thermometer puts it at around 48 C while the reset are closer to 30 C. Is that normal, or should I be turning down the driver voltage/looking for other problems?

That is in the safe range, but if you would like you can tun down the driver a bit. I am assuming it is at .7V, .6V should cool it down.