First MPCNC build, Planning to build more

Hey all,

VERY newbie question. I don’t currently have a 3d printer, Im going to buy these first printed parts.

I want to build this first MPCNC (3d Printer) with the capacity to print more iterations of this machine. I notice that the Z parts require 120mm space. Does this mean that for this first build I would need to increase the usable height of my MPCNC to 5ish(4.79) inches? Or can I rotate the print orientation and print Z parts horizontally.

Additionally, have any of you found difficulty with raising the height above the suggested 3" for a first build?

Thanks in advance.


If your plan is to make a 3D printer, it really is best to build a 3D printer. The MPCNC is a great CNC that can print really big things, but it is not as good as a small standalone printer for printing.

In other words build the machine you need for your primary purpose.

Said the guy who built this beautiful monster :wink: Hahaha.

Say I had to build the extruder into this first build, would I need to raise the height to 5"ish to print the XYZ parts for the MPCNC?

Really, Ryan is right here. Build an MP3DP and use it to print the parts for each successive MPCNC. It’ll be a lot easier and you’ll be able to get a lot more help with the 3D printing learning curve using a reasonably standard printer.

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Tool mount is the tallest.

How many CNC’s do you plan on building?

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I’m shooting for 3. Dont 3d print much, but I do want the capacity to make additions to the machines I have, and print new ones/features if needed.

I’ve never used my MPCNC as a 3D printer, but I did originally build it with a 5" usable height. It gave me some weeble wobbles right off the bat, so I cut it down.
That said, if you are determined to use the MPCNC as the replicating machine for more MPCNCs, I think you’d be clear to build it taller if you get creative with some sort of wooden sidewall setup. Basically build the CNC as normal, then add a structural box, or some kind of bracing, around the sides.
I wouldn’t reorient the parts on the print bed, personally. Ryan has optimized them pretty well to print as is. I say try out the tall build, and don’t look back! At the very least, you’re gonna learn something- and changing Z height is super easy.