First of many things (hopefully)

Been a long journey getting to this point but our lowrider is finally up and running. SKR 1.3, TMC5160, MKS TFT28. Some custom y-stops (which we won’t even use… that’s another story). Rails plus a notch underneath so the gantry slides by without hitting the board. Can fit a full 4x8’ sheet of ply.

First test we did was inspired by Jeff’s sandify wall art post.

We ran out of zip ties so had to use a binder clip to hold the pen and probably shoved the pen too far into the board so the pen jumped quite a bit. Also, bungled up the g-code so it drew a diagonal line to start. Even still, we’re impressed. Excited about the things to come!


Awesome! Are you about to color it in with that bucket of markers?

The kids will get going on that this afternoon, should keep them busy and off YouTube for… Well, any more than 5 min and I’ll call that a win.


New pool lounge chair! 3/4" Maple ply with oil + 7 coats of Daly’s seafin teak oil (stuff is magic). A second one is in the works!
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Completed the outdoor furniture set with a second lounge chair plus a little table with a rose spirograph inlay. The family already moved in.
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And a surfboard rack (work in progress) - if you need a custom board, hit me up :slight_smile:

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Aw man, I miss surfing…a lot. I have my last of 5 boards getting dusty in my living room. Traded that for dirt bikes and stand up jet skis. No where near as Zen as surfing alone early in the morning but, ripping around on anything still makes me feel good in the end.

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I feel your pain. Eleven years ago I planned on moving from NJ to Boise ID to go to work in a friend’s motorcycle dealership, not expecting much surf there I sold a late '60s longboard by a local NJ shaper. By the time I finally sold my house my friend was laying people off and by a strange twist of fate I wound up living ocean front in NC for 2 years before buying a house that’s all of 5 minutes from the beach. Given my creaky knees and arthritic hips it may all be for the best, and I did have a good run ripping around on bikes for a good number of years. :laughing:


I don’t surf actually, I just like to build them. Turns out my kind of coordination is not applicable to any kind of “board” activity - skiing, wake boarding, skate boarding, surfing. I just eat it, hard, repeatedly.

My buddy from NZ is an avid surfer, builds wooden chambered boards by hand (or used to before me), and inspired me to start designing boards to be cut on the CNC. That’s soon to come!