First part on the mpcnc

Hi folks

<p style=“text-align: left;”>I got my machine up and running about a week ago and wanted to share my first creation. I made it out of 1/4" basswood from hobby lobby and I think it turned out pretty nice. I’m really impressed with the mpcnc and look forward to the things I’ll be able to do with it.</p>


Nice! About how long did that take? Do you think you could have went any faster or maybe a bit slower?



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I made it last weekend so I’ll try to get in the ball park. It took about an hour, I think. I used your recommended depth and speed settings in your estlcam tutorial to my recollection. Is there something you’re noticing that makes you think I could change the speeds or depths of cut? The tool I used was the 45 deg v-bit from the site. What I’m super impressed about is the definition in the stars. At the beginning, I was wondering how those stars were going to come out but I can’t be happier.

The attached photo is after a bit of sanding and some cutting board oil. Just to add some scale. The profile of the entire sign is 14" x 6.5"

No not at all, it looks great. I was just wonder about the stars myself. Wasn’t sure if they took forever or not. An hour seems pretty good. Im sure you can get it done a little faster with some experience but I would be happy with that!


Can’t wait to see what’s next. Now that you have some time o the machi e it just gets easier from here on out.

Very nice result, it looks very clean, especially the stars.

Just a suggestion, but you could slightly sand between the lines, to make it perfect

Thank you very much for the excellent design. I’ve been kicking around cnc machines for about a year and was about to drop the hammer on the xcarve a few times. After spending several hours watching youtube videos, somebody’s mpcnc video showed up in my queue and caught my interest. So I watched a few more mpcnc videos, then a few more. After the really neat things that I saw people making with your machine, it was time to give it a try.





Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll give it a go next time.