First Production Run

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Stencils cut on MPCNC, Cheap 1/8" single carbide bits. 10 for $10 eBay. Aluminum trim coil.

1" x 12" pine board. Measures 11 1/4" x 18 3/4". Paint first, then carve.

Burnt edges with propane torch and clear acrylic top coat.

Carving done with 45∘ bit from V1.

I should include a picture of all the scrap I’ve made in the process.

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Nice, that is how you use a CNC!

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Tool change success.Amazing detail for size.

Carve 50mm x 77mm, White Oak Wood

Tool 1) 1/8 single flute, 15mm/s, 2mm DOC.

Tool 2) 1/8 45̊ V-bit 5% stepover, 10mm/s 1mm DOC.

I colored it with Kiwi Brown shoe polish and buffed off the excess.

Failures results /solutions:

Windows 10 (Restart), Repetier-Host doesn’t clear cache (Restart), wiring (No Plugs allowed in moving connections).

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