First Project - Mortal Kombat sign

I finally greased the Z axis (I totallly missed that in the instructions in my first xcitement) and learned to level my spoilboard. Now things feel really close and I’m able to get much better cuts. I did this basic sign decoration using the Inkscape->ESTLCAM->Repetier tool chain. I’m really happy with the results, and blown away by realizing I now have the power to shape wood in ways I never imagined. Huge thanks Ryan for this project, I’ll be donating to the cause soon!


(I know my letterings messed up, it should be the Mortal Kombat 3 font but it cut wierd. I’m going to start messing with fonts in ESTLCAM to try to figure that out soon

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Oh and putting the text over the knot was unintentional and a total newbie mistake. And the wood was pine I believe, a free piece from Dunn Lumber so it was cool to upcycle it


Good work. The carve function with the vbit takes a little practice to get right. To get the real sharp points on your letters you have to make sure your tool is setup correctly in Estlcam and then make sure the tip of the vbit is just touching the surface for your Z zero. With the 45 degree vbit the point is so fine that you can easily have it sunk in the wood a bit and it wont quite make the fine points on the letters. You are close, just needs to be tweeked a little.

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I think the letters might just have the wrong angle specified for the Vbit, Johnny’s solution could also be it.


Looking good. Keep sharing your work. I love to see what people come up with.

Thanks all, will do! I’m heads down trying to figure out 3D carving, and close. I’m hoping once I have that to share quite a few ideas with the community. My goal is to combine Arduino/leds/electronics with software/IOT with CNC to make stuff that is interactive. We’ll see if I get there :slight_smile: