First project - Welcome

Here is my first real project made with the MPCNC. I will need to redo it since there was an issue with the g code on one of the letters. This is something my wife asked for and will be a great Christmas present


Dang that thing is huge! Did you make a giant machine or move the part half way through? If you made a big machine you need to show me! I think that is in the release license, cool machine have to be shown off! Haha, so cool either way good job!

My wife is trying to talk me into making it big enough to cut these 6’ boards in 1 cut but this one was done by re-positioning for each letter. I found the error and I am heading out to get a new board to cut a new one now that I have the snow cleared off the driveway.

Thanks for making such a great design and sharing it with all of us. I wish I had the creativity to design things like this like you!

Thanks for the kind words, This was designed on shear will power. I wanted a CNC mill that bad.

If you give in to the bosses’ request I would love to see a 6 foot machine.

Ryan- The design calls for over 2x2 to have support along the rails. The one I am building is 4x4 (which really means 4.5x4.5ft), has anyone designed these support structures yet?


That completely depends on what you are doing with the machine at that size and what tolerances you expect.

Yes someone did make a support on thingiverse. If you can’t find it let me know and I can look after my tax appointment. (taxes are a bummer).

I think these are what you’re looking for: