First prototype before improvement - V2 done!

Hi there,

I’m Jerome, living in france and just build my 1st coffee table before I knew this forum exists.
I discovered the Sisyphus table from a video of a tech youtuber, and loved it !
We have an autistic boy who’s fascinated by that kind of thing, and help him to feel secure.

So I bought a second hand eleksmaker laser cnc, convert it from benbox to grbl and drive it with octopring on an rpi 1b (yes it runs with 256Mb of ram !!).
I own a 3d printer (ender 3), so it was an easy path for me to put together a whole table using the cnc.
I build it based on module I can add and remove on the fly to allow fast and easy debug.

Why do I come here ?
I’m looking into building a much slimmer mechanism, more efficient, and allowing for homing the magnet (missing it cause lot’s of crash on the cnc).
I was doing lot’s of research and decided to go for a core XY belt system, and use a 3d printer control board with endstops this time. As I was stuck there I discovered the ZenXY project, and here I am looking for help to go forward.

I own 2 controls boards, Creality v1.1.3 (ender 3 basic 8bits board) and Fysetc Cheetah v1.1b with tmc2209.
I would like to use one of them for my V2 prototype, and this requires heavy Marlin tweaks I believe.

Is there a list for needed modifications to allow Marlin to run without missing parts ?
Thank you :slight_smile:


We configure the software using MarlinBuilder. It checks out a vanilla Marlin and applies specific changes to it.

If you know a bit about git and bash, you could try using the scripts. If you don’t, that’s ok. You can use them as a guide to see what we change and make the same changes yourself.

Let’s look at the V1ZXY SkrPro 2209 config:

That calls several other scripts, including zenxy_config:

You can see, that sets a lift of individual settings. Visit the link, the preview doesn’t show them all.

That would get you pretty close, especially if you took the time to understand them a little while making the changes. It looks like a lot, but most of them are small tweaks.


First I would like to thank you for your very detailed answer !
I’m not familiar with github yet, I only modified marlin using visual code studio to enable runout sensor on my ender.

I will take the time to dive into it, and if it work, give back the firmware info for the community to use.

Also, I want to thank you for your great tool sandify, this makes our life so much easier to create shapes :slight_smile:


A very great use of the ZenXY! I coach soccer with a pair who have a son who has Pitt-Hopkins, he doesn’t do much, but I would think he would enjoy time watching this. He tends to like to put things in his mouth - so I’ll have to ensure the enclosure is secure. Thanks Jerome for the inspiration!

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Hi, I’m very happy this can inspire you too !
Our son isn’t deeply autistic, but enough to get him in trouble too.
To be very safe instead of glass, I used 8mm acrylic glass, it’s almost unbreakable and easy to cut to
desire shape and size.
You can glue the top glass and make a strong top cover attachment.

You do need to get into the sand every once in a while though. Just to spread it out a bit more. Something like wood screws into wood would not last very long. It would be a pain if it was machine screws, unless you could use an electric drill.

I agree, as I build it, there is dedicated tray below the top over the magnet mechanism, that’s one way to do it :wink:

edit: one picture worth a tousand word…


So, got hit this week with a huge deal on refusbished Ender 5 (Comgrow), got it wednesday and now that it’s working perfectly, I dismantled my Ender 3 to upgrade my table to another level !

I didn’t used my silent Cheetah board (keeping it for the ender 5), instead went ahead with my old creality V1.1.4 (non silent).
Configure it with single X and dual Y to use my CNC frame, again this forum is a real great place to find answer’s for marlin setup, thank’s a lot for all your help !

I spent the whole day to configure Marlin to the best, reposition the CNC to maximize draw area and finally, got it to work perfectly !

One small issue, she was writing inverted, I had to change X axis direction in marlin, easy fix :slight_smile:

So from eleksmaker arduino with Grbl 0.9 to 3D control board and Marlin-bugfix-2.0.x :heart_eyes:
I forgot to mention I upgraded my RPI 1 model b with the newer RPI 3 Model B, it’s a space rocket compared to the old one :smiley: :smiley:

I managed to had single axis endstops from my ender 3

And the final test written in the right direction after correcting the X direction
(Jesus Save, in french Jesus Sauve)

Next move ? I guess trying Ryan new design when it’s available and use a silent board too.
Also try using sandypi instead of Octoprint, I like Octopring a lot, but would love a much simpler interface for my purpose. :wink: