First real MPCNC Primo Project

Hi fellows,

finally I had some time to finish my first real project on my new primo MPCNC - the jocker. It’s a pen storage for your desk (I don’t know how you actually call it in English). So here it is:

It’s made of 4 mm beech plywood, cut wit a 1.5 mm endmill ( one of those grating ones) with 500 mm/min and 2.2mm doc. Needed only soft sanding to get nice edges. I’m thinking about finishing it with transparent oil.

Now I need to do a few more of it, as the whole family wants one.


That looks nice and will be a decent project to duplicate for each family member. :slight_smile:

I need one! Since my last name is Lamb, I have to have all the Lamb things… :slight_smile:

Haha, I like that. If you want I can send you the dxf for it.

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