First set up

I have purchased your kit for my build. Has the current already been set for the steppers?


awesome thank you! ok question number two… sorry… my cnc is in the other room so I planned on just printed from SD card… do I need to hook it to computer for anything first time around because my display is blank, lights up turns on but just says nothing…

WONT LET ME DELETE POST… sorry I was trying to use a regular smart display, but I plugged in a extra full graphics display and it worked just fine!


By the way. Awesome kit man! You really put a good set together for cheaper then I probably could of priced it out and setting up the drivers already. In about a month I’ll be looking to hold another if this one goes smooth as planned.

Also I did a no no n printed in abs. So everything is realllllllllllly tight. Anything I can do? Loosen some bearing somewhere? I only tightened the bolts until they came flush with the lock nut. But on the bright side it glows in the dark lol.

Thanks for taking the time to say that!

Best you can do is loosen all the big bolts. The abs should relax a bit and the zinc coating will wear off. This should loosen it up a bit with use. If you have issues just slow it down a bit and I think you will be okay. People have done some crazy things to loosen up there parts but I do not recommend them.

Yea I was hoping everything would relax a bit. I’ll back them all off as much as I can. Just from pushing it around (with force) trying to knock the high spots down on the coating (tried sanding it off, just took 2 hours for 1 5ft bar. So I stopped lol) and the bearing are actually leaving a flat spot you can feel on the rails. I’m gonna have to order some PLA or something else and reprint, I broke two roller Fs in the middle threw the outside single bearing bolt.

That’s a bummer.
I have never had any luck with ABS at all.

I print everything in abs. I love it. Just never worked with such tight tolerances and so much in fill before. More in fill more heat. More shrink