First test cut on my LowRider "Lathe" attachment

I’ve been pondering the LowRider “Lathe” attachment for quite some time now.

I finally got around to putting it together after we finished up the LR3 Beta testing.

With the help of my daughter who is visiting from Chicago (and who is building her own Primo),
we finished up the beta build and cut the doodad below:

We made a squared piece of lumber into a cylindrical piece of lumber and did a simple engrave.
(I dabbed some stain on AFTER the engrave to highlight it a little, but some of the stain got into the engrave, making it not look so good. The engrave is actually pretty sharp.

We identified some problems, primarily with secure stock holding, that need to be addressed, but as a proof of concept, I’m very happy with the results.

I will post a build thread once I’m happy with the performance of the machine, if anyone is interested.


I’m interested!

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More pictures?

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I started a build thread here:My LowRider "Lathe" attachment (a work in progress)

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