First time connecting to repetier

Is my problem the thermistor? Does it need to be installed no matter what? if so, could you link the instructions?

  1. Bought everything from here
  2. no end stops
  3. MAC but have PC also (neither seem to work)
  4. Picture attached
  • I have the LCD screen for my MPCNC and can manually move the machine in every direction
  • When I plug in the USB, the LCD comes on (I then plug in the power supply)
  • I have read and reread the directions.
  • When I click connect, it says "Couldn't open port for device none"
I'm sure I'm missing a simple step so please be kind! Thanks!

You have to select a port. If none show up, you are probably missing the drivers. It shouldn’t need drivers on Mac, but it will in windows.

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Thanks for your response. I believe you are correct but drivers for what? marlin?


Drivers for your control board, try installing arduino ide before plugging in your board again. No thermistor needed.

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If it is an older MAC you have to reflash with a slower buadrate, might want to stick with the PC until you get it sorted out.

It is an older Mac. I’ll use a PC. I was having a different issue with pc.

This is the pop up after clicking connect.


I bet this is important…

I bought this 2 years ago. Do I need new firmware anyway?

Looks like the resistor is missing, or backwards.

Yeah, 2 years ago we used the resistor so we didn’t have to flash the firmware to print. I stopped that, too much confusion. So either put the resistor on T0 or flash the new firmware.