First time with SKR Pro1.2, 5x 2209 drvers, TFT35 E3 V3 × 1

Bought the kit on the v1 site for my new primo build. Firmware was not pre-flashed. Followed the instructions to flash. Saw green light flash. File name updated. TFT - not sure the flashed at all. Seems like it is set for a 3d printer. Any advice? Nothing moves when 12 volts supply turned on !

Jon, you need to jumper power to the motor power lugs like this…

picture snagged from this post…

You will need to set the baud rate on the TFT to 250000. I think it’s Menu>Setting>Connection>Baudrate. You can also switch to Marlin mode on the TFT by holding the dial button down until you get icons to choose Touch or Marlin mode. Touch uses the 5pin black cable, whereas Marlin uses the two gray cables. You may need to flip one or both of the gray cables around (even if the key is the wrong way) if you do not get any display in Marlin mode.

Thank you. I did not see that in the documentation, so thanks!

You also need to flash the TFT with v1’s firmware. But honestly, the marlin mode still works a lot better. You can get to marlin mode by holding down the knob for 10s and selecting marlin mode.

ok, I will flash the TFT.