First toolbox

So my five year old graduated from preschool 2 weeks ago and I asked what he’d like as a graduation gift. His answer… a real toolbox with real tools.

So on our daddy son day this week we set out to build a real toolbox.

His requirements were that I could do the cutting on my machine but that he would put the whole thing together himself.

To his credit he sanded and assembled the whole thing and hand screwed all 24 screws.

I think it turned out pretty well for a scrap piece of 1x6.


Well, that is just about the coolest post in a while. You win. I hope that toolbox exists for a very long time. What a very special project.

Thank you so much for sharing (and adding to the gallery).


Shame I could only “like” your post once. That is bleepin awesome! Good job, Dad!


I’ll second Nicholas’ statement. Great job!


It’s an honor to witness the birth of a new family heirloom. Thank you for sharing it with us.


TY all for the nice compliments… His response on seeing the finished project:

“Now that I have tools we can start building a boat right?”

Plans within plans with this one.


A few suggestions from my personal experience:

Any of the Instant Boat books by Dynamite Payson. They focus on a standard method for building a number of Phil Bolger designs, using basic ply and dimensional lumber materials. Step-by-step execution plans for the general method are covered with lots of pictures. My first home-built boat was a Gypsy from the New Instant Boats book.

Dave Gentry Custom Boats - designed for home builders, including kids. Several skin-on-frame designs. Got a Boardyak hanging in my garage right now that my daughter and I lashed and sewed together together.

If you’re looking for something a little smaller - I came across a copy of Build Your Own Radio Controlled Yacht at our local Half-Price Books. Includes full size plans and step-by-step instructions. Also has a fairly active online community, not dissimilar to this one.

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Yeah nothing that fancy this is a boat to enter in the community “Anything that floats” race. Max budget is $20 per the rules. Think lots of duct tape.

Here is an entry from a few years ago with the twins. We came in second… Of the 15 or so entrants all but 5 sank or capsized.

Prior to kids I built one of these:
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They are all fully cut on their 10x5 CNC, they also sell plans.


That event looks like loads of fun!