First vcarve inlay attempt - Otto

First go at doing a vcarve inlay, pretty pleased with it :slight_smile:

Birdseye maple and walnut.


WHOA, that is perfect!

Why thank you :slight_smile: He is quite dashing, sad to give him away, made it as a gift :slight_smile:

V-Carve seems to be a lot better than F-Engrave. Maybe it’s the 300€ price difference… :smiley: I think I am putting V-Carve on my Christmas list.

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I’ve heard Carbide Create does a pretty good job, perhaps give that a try but yeah vcarve was a bit of a splurge.

That is really nice!

An otter correct? Looks very clean… bravo!

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Before you do- take a look at Carveco.

They have a 3 month free thing right now, and it is just as capable as vcarve for doing v-inlay work. It’s regular price is $15/ month

There a post processor in the files section on the V1 Facebook page


Yep, Otto the otter :slight_smile:

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Looks beautiful – can’t wait til I can do that!

Just curious - you don’t foresee an issue with the cross-grain? I don’t really know how big this is.

It’s 11" across and time will tell, the maple is pretty much quartersawn so hopefully not much in the way of movement. Don’t think the plug is big enough to do anything either. I really just like the way it looked in this orientation. If it does explode I’ll just knock out another :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it’s weird. You read that the rule of thumb is maybe 3-4" of cross grain, but then you look at a 4x8’ sheet of plywood… I know thickness of the material matters, too. Keep us posted!

Again, nice work!

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Ends of plywood, the wood has a place to go (why sometimes ply lams look slightly staggered… wood can swell and contract there). With inlays, there’s wood in the way of movement, which results in a lifting force unfortunately. 11" is long, but it could last… only time will tell.

One question regarding V-carve: does it export gcode Estlcam can use?

If this is your first attempt, you knocked it out of the ballpark. Beautiful job.