Fish Tacos MPCNC

Well I’m getting back at it but starting over.I got some BLUE Raptor PLA in my Makergeek box, So I figured why not. It’s a high temp PlA They say it will hold up in a dish washer, So it should hold up in my garage during the summer months. It has a printing temp of 245 c.

Here’s the color,

And I’m putting my Orginal to the test with this build plate, So far the first layer has taken 30 mins…

Wonder when it’s going to be done.

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Holy cow. Good luck!

Now that is nice build plate :smiley: can wait to see end result. Finger cross for you:D

Demanding time-lapse.

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I wish I could, I don’t have a camera, I do have an old galaxy s6, I wonder If i could set that up?

Well here’s it’s is half way, it’s looking like its going to be a 30 hour print.

Dam I need to buy mk3 ?

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28h print getting ready to start on the MP3DP and another 30 hour on the Original.

looks like first plate will be done sometime after midnight, So i’ll have to wake up, pull parts and start the next print before work.

After these two I’ll just have one more 10 hour print and I should have all my parts. might have everything by Tuesday.

@ryan, do you have a bolt package on the shop?

Holy cow anything over 12hrs stresses me out too much.

I don’t have a just bolt package yet.

I didnt have time to clear all the parts, and my wife told me it was loud… :frowning:


So the next will have to wait till after work. [attachment file=45194]

That’s impressive!

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Mine was loud too until I got it into an enclosure.

It took quite a bit of printing before I was comfortable enough to start a really long print like that, but once dialed in, some of these 3d printers run great!

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Well she wasnt talking about the printer, but the poping noise the parts where making coming off the bed at 5 am. Lol. I stopped so i didnt wake the kids.

Well I might have been pushing it bit with layer heights, I tried .3 and some of the steeper slopes didn’t get the outer later fully bonded. It’s not bad, just a small section here and there. So I lowered the print height to .26 for the rest of the prints.

[attachment file=45237]

Oh man. About 4 hours to go. Dont thi k ill make it.



For my hatchbox rolls the very last layer is about 45 minutes worth. I would say you have 2 hours or less worth there.

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I was going to bed, I might wait up and wait for the roll to get near the end and splice some black onto it. But the real problem lies in the heat, as It’s high for normal pla. 245 the black might print at that but it would be really stringy.

How many rolls does it take? This was a fresh roll when I started and I printed the bigger pieces in yellow.

Well i have a bunch of parts that look like this.


[attachment file=45269]

Mr. Fancy Pants. I like it.

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It’s not the size of the ship, its the motion of the ocean…wait…thats not right.