Fishing line instead of GT2 belts

Just throwing this out there. good idea bad idea? Just want some input.

It would be a hell of a lot cheaper if that worked. I have to get the belts and pulleys from over seas…

From what I read line coatings and stretch are a bit of an issue. Seems like it could be very easy to do for this cnc without the need of a loop. Fix each end and make them adjustable then wrap it around a bobbin on the steppers a bunch of times. Cool experiment for sure.

IM a fisherman, so i know a lot about line.
2 issues.

  1. Stretch is NOT an issue on braided line. Hence the benefit of that line, you can fish 100 feet behind your boat and set the hook with no stretch. Monofilamant line stretches, and by the time the forces reach the hook to set it , the fish has already spit it. So it would have to be braid.

  2. Braid has its own problems. Mainly slippage… So you would need to line the bobbin with rubber (im thinking a quick spray of plasti dip would work just fine). The braided line is very smooth and sort of waxy feeling, so it slips.

This actually seems more than feasible. If i get bored ill print a bobbin and give it a try.

In short: bad idea.

It would work grat for the 1/10000 person good at making impossible small knots, but not for anyone else.

Look at the Tantillus printer, which I started out using… it’s for a reason everyone is trying hard to move to GT2 belt(my design), as it is much easier to control and manage :slight_smile:

Sometimes designers forget who the target audicens is :slight_smile: