Fishing Rod Ceiling Rack

I started collecting a few too many fishing rods for the old way of storing them (leaning in a corner), and now that I have the garage cleaned up, it’s time to get it messy again.

I designed a quick fishing rod rack to mount on the ceiling. There’s 3 parts to the design: the front, back, and two ceiling mounts.

I managed to burn up my 1/8" end mill… I’m honestly a little surprised it lasted this long. I tried sticking the stock end mill that came with the router, but that burned up immediately. I honestly should have known better.

Luckily, I had two of the ceiling mounts cut yesterday. I wasn’t happy with the design and was going to cut out new versions, but I guess these will do.

Enjoy the video

[attachment file=40131]

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I love it!

Thanks! The biggest rod doesn’t fit. I need to cut off some of the little hook so I can get the rod in it. Then I won’t need the baby bungie cord. I’m too lazy to CAD around it.

This reminds me, I need to put an order in for some more of your end mills.

Nice work. I like it. I’m going to have to design a rod holder for up at my folks place. We are out of space on the one up there and the one there is about wore out. This one will need to go verticle on the wall though cause we are a family of short people.

Mine would work vertical too. You’d put the solid side near the ground and the hooks higher up. Slide the rods down into the holes and hook them to the top part.