Fishing Rod Holder

So I am in the process of making my first actual project with the cnc. I have covered this some in my build thread but thought I would post here as well to keep in the spirit of sharing. We need a better way to organize our fishing rods at the family property cause the store bought rack just isn’t hacking it.

So with inspiration from one of Davids projects I decided to make my own. Drew the pieces in Fusion360 and saved the sketch as a dxf and opened the file in Estlcam to setup the cut. Here are a couple pictures of the design in F360 and the cut out pieces. Still some finishing work left. I have the pieces sanded down but need to pick up some stain and clear coat. The base piece will have another board screwed to the bottom side so it can be mounted to the wall. I believe I am just going to screw to top mount to the wall as it is since the back plate is fairly thin and should be easy to screw to. Will update as this gets finished and mounted. Likely wont get mounted until around Christmas.

If you want to know more specifics about the build. The pieces are made from 1x4 (actual .750x3.5) select pine from Lowes. The bottom is just a 1x4 cut 28.5" long. The top piece was cut from another piece the same size as the base. And yes the holes in the bottom board are off-center. The holes for the heel of the rod at set at 2" from the wall. The top mount is set with the center of each rod holder at 2" as well. Hopefully it all works out and the rods dont fall out. If so I will tweak it and try again. Also the whole mount is spaced on the ends so if you but another mount up to it the rods will still maintaon equal spacing. I plan to mount 3 sets along a wall to be able to hold 18 rods in total. Dont currently have that many up there but need room to expand.


Nice, linking it in the gallery! Thanks for sharing.

Looks great but you may want to cut them out of plywood. Pine is very brittle when cross cutting the grain in narrow strips. Be careful construction grade plywood has lots of voids in the middle layers, Baltic birch would be a great choice.