-Fixed-Removed from thingiverse?

It appears that all forms of my mpcnc things have been removed from thingiverse search. The only way to get to them or see them is a direct link. I was at the top position for “mpcnc” “cnc” “cnc 525” I went 45 pages deep and my things are gone…Anyone have any ideas?

Since launch I was at the top 20 things on thingiverse for a whole year, peaking at #7 when the other top 20 were all front page featured things. Then at exactly the 1 year mark I dropped a page back at least 12 positions a day, even though my hits, comments, and builds where higher than ever.

Something fishy is up with their algorithms time has a bigger factor than actual activity. That is fine, but to remove me from search results is pretty crappy thing to do. Since our "things are falling out of search results I am not sure what to do with all the user created add ons and mods. I am almost positive it would cost a fortune to host them on this site, but maybe and I am open to suggestions.

Searching “mpcnc 525” only brings up 17 items, and none of them are mine?

I just went to thingiverse via a Google search, then plugged in "cnc’ in the search box and your MPCNC was first up. Perhaps the issue isn’t global or they fixed it?

Have you tried to email them? I know their search sucks in general but it seems like something is broken. Typing in mostly printed cnc brings up nothing that contains the search terms. I can’t believe they would intentionally remove your stuff from the search if they really didn’t want it on there they would cancel the account.

You could edit your listings title maybe that would wake it up.

You can post links on your site to the things on thingiverse instead of hosting the files. You could also post the files on other sites like youmagine.

Now after I typed all that I tried again and mostly printed cnc brings up your thing as the first result.

Whoa…It is back now, I wrote them a letter I wonder what was up.

It was all gone, now a few hours later it is all back. Phewww, that would have sucked.