Fixing nod?

Is there somewhere that covers how to fix nod in the Primo toolhead? In surfacing with an 18mm bit I do notice I have a small amount.

Is it the core, ie: is the Z axis not square, or is it the tool mount?

If it’s the core that isn’t plumb, check that your bearings are engaged on all 4 of the core bearing holders, tighten as necessary, check again.

If it’s the spindle not sitting plumb, it’s probably easier to shim it subtly. There is an STL file for a thing to check the spindle for squareness. I think it’s just a sleeve that goes over the bit with a pointer that rotates around at a fixed radius.

I guess I’m wondering how tightening the bearings affects squareness and if it’s documented.

Spindle fixes don’t soundfun :slight_smile: More likely to introduce error every time I unbolt the front plate on the mount.