Fixing Plotting MPCNC, Small Letters Shaky

Hey all, I recently finished my build of the MPCNC and was attempting to plot some pictures. I have run into the problem, however, that I have some how made my printer print worse. I have attached three pictures below of the same drawing, the first was the first finished picture, the second was after I tightened the belts of the MPCNC and the third is when I moved my MPCNC off of the dolly. I was thinking that it would make the smaller letter clearer as it would be more stable on the ground. As you can see, the third picture is the worst. I think this is because the MPCNC is shaking when moving and the dolly was absorbing some of that motion but I’m not sure. Is there a way to solve for this so that that the smaller letters “Santa” and “Here” are clearer? Or do I need to make the change in directions in estlcam slower? If so, how do I do that? I bought all of my parts here, including the RAMBO 1.3 board I’m using and have not flashed anything new to it. I have included two pictures of my build below in case anyone sees something out of place. I am not using the end stops even though they are attached to the printer. I am using Windows 10, Estlcam V10, and Matter Control. Thanks!

Lots of things to try here.

-I don’t know how well that pen mount works with the quick connect mount, but first and foremost make sure that connection is good.

-Make sure you are writing on a smooth surface, a stack of paper on a pad of paper works very well.

-Make sure the pen is just writing with enough pressure to leave a line you do not want it pushing down very hard, 1mm is more than enough.

-make sure your speeds are reasonable, you have a very very tall build you will always need to use is slower than a shorter build. you can follow my estlcam basics page to see how to set the speeds and rapids.

-Try my crown gcode to see how it looks. That will let you know if it is a gcode or a machine issue.

Thank you for including machine pics it really helps!

shorten up your z-height if all else fails. You are running pretty high up there.

(as I see Ryan mentioned above)

not saying you are too high up there but… think of holding a pen with three fingers at the butt end of the pen and writing vs holding it a half inch above the tip.