Fixing wildly different paths when loading SVG files

So I ran into this engraving a logo from the web in svg format. Ive seen it around before also, but I figured out a workaround. You will also need Lightburn for this.

Original image opened in Inkscape

Original image opened in EstlCAM

Original image opened in Lightburn

Lightburn exported SVG opened in EstlCAM

If you load an SVG into Estlcam and some of the paths are all crazy, load the same SVG into lightburn, then “export” as an SVG file. Load that file into Estlcam, and it should be fixed.

SVG as a format supports a lot of things. But they can almost all be represented by paths.

I’ve advised before to open svgs in inkscape and select everything and then use object to path to break them up.

I wonder if this is doing the same thing.

You can open them in a text editor and see what kind of shapes they are. The <path> tags is for paths, IIRC.

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Jeff, thank you for the tip. I did try this after reading your post but ended up with the same problem when opening in EstlCAM.

Here are the files. I’ve included the original SVG, SVG after obj-to-path, and Lightburn exported SVG. (18.1 KB)

Maybe I did something wrong?

I played a bit with your SVG files. You did nothing wrong, and I couldn’t find anything wrong with the SVG codes. The original file was entirely made up of paths. I cut the file down to a SVG with a single, misbehaving path:

<path d="M282.829,194.438s61.676-53.559,127.665-70.837c76.6-20.058,110.789,21.977,110.789,21.977s-42.558-26.541-104.3-14.51c-73.353,14.295-134.156,63.37-134.156,63.37"/>

All the codes in this path were reasonable and contained the right number of parameters. It is likely this is an EstlCAM bug.


I’ve been using DXF files for most things and never had an issue with them, is there a reason to use SVG over DXF?

I cannot think of a reason to use SVG over DXF in general, but there may be special cases. I haven’t done any head-to-head comparisons, but my perception is that Lightburn handles large SVG files better than large DXF files. For example, I imported an SVG into Lightburn last week with 1,200,000 line segments. Lightburn was a bit slow to load the file, but after that, it was fine.

@christian-knuell Here is a bug report. In case you still get notifications from here.