Flared Corners

Hey guys,

I’m using Estlecam and then carving from an SD card on a marlin flashed Skr Pro

I’m doing a simple flag for the stripes have programed it to do a 90 v carve and selected a 1/4" end mill as the pocketing tool. My depth is set at 4mm. I keep getting flared corners such as the one in the picture instead of it being square. Any advice to help me square it up?


Have you checked the Z-axis for wobble? Is the router or spindle able to “tilt” or wiggle in the mount?

The rest of my suggestion is based on the following assumption: The mill travels left along the upper edge of the carved out white “box”, then moves down the left edge before moving right along the bottom of the box.

It looks to me like the “down stroke” is over shooting the corner and then rebounds back as the mill moves to the right.

Are your belts too lose? Are they steel belts that maybe have broken strands?

Mike B.

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Hey Mike,

Thanks for your advice… I will check my belts again and the zed axis for wobble when I get home. They are just the regular (rubber?) belts that regularly come with the Low Rider kit. I was thinking it may be more of a software issue, because the machine is handling other angles just fine. On the other side of the flag, the angles are square, and the stars in the union (on another flag I did which also had the same problem) were perfect. I’ll get on my cell and post some other pics.

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That is an odd one. The rest is fine just a few are bad.

They are all not sharp square corners, though. Either your depth is pretty far off or you entered the angle of the bit wrong on them. The corners should be perfect. If you are using Estlcam you can hover over the angle and it will show you, I know it is half of what I thought it should be.