Flash sale on GST3D PLA+ — less than $10 per KG roll - but you must buy 30 to get deal + plus use promo code "FLASHSALE"

I have bought these rolls of PLA+ before, for $9.99 per roll, in batches of 10, at the past holiday time between last Black Friday and last Christmas, and I think since I did at least 3 batches of 10 or more, I was already comfortable with the current minimum. It’s decent and usable. It’s not the absolute best PLA I ever bought, but it’s pretty decent. I liked it well enough (and used it pretty much without any serious issues) that I just ordered 30 more, in a mix of three different colors (mixing and matching colors to meet the minimum quantity is allowed).

Also remember you must use promo code “FLASHSALE” to get the price down.

If you buy the random assortment of colors you can get the price as low as $8.99 per roll, but $9.99 if you choose your own colors.

Here’s the link:

PS: I also have ordered several of the excellent BIQU B1 printers from this online store, at pricing that beats anywhere else I’ve shopped.

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ALSO: this promo code ( FLASHSALE) is supposedly only good for 5 hours today, starting presumably from when I got the email from them, which was about 1:20 pm, Eastern time.

No wonder you print so much. 30kg+!?

Seems like a good deal though.

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They also have options for 10 rolls or 20 rolls, with prices only slightly higher. So, a mix and match set of 10 may be more doable for some, and I think the promo code might still apply!

I put a 3 pack in my cart @ $16+ each.
Came to just under $50 with free shipping.
FLASHSALE worked and brought it down to just under $45.

I’m not ready to commit to 10 rolls, but 3 seems like a pretty low risk with your endorsement. Not ridiculously cheap at this quantity, but worth trying as an alternative to what I’ve been using and I’ll be able to make a more informed decision on a larger quantity in the future.


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Just to point out - Random seems to not be a random color, it is the changeover roll - stuff made when they switched from one color to another, so it can’t be sold as either color. It would be great for prototypes, things you’re going to paint or if you don’t care about colors.

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Thanks for the heads up! I never chose that option and was not aware!

Well, never mind. Random color does appear to be a random color. I somehow ended up here:

while browsing the site.

That is 1/10th the price. $9.99 for 10Kg. instead of $9.99/Kg

They should really call this one something like “Changeover Roll” to make it clear that it is different than the other “Random roll” options. It wasn’t obvious until I saw it in the cart because apparently I missed the description.

How can they possibly ship 10kg of plastic (of any hideous color) for $9.99. That is too good to be true.


What’s the relationship with gst3d and fremover? When I go to the gst3d website, where I’ve ordered before, everything shows out of stock, and their Facebook page has a lot of complaints about orders not shipping.

Hmm. I’m suspicious that if you buy it you will find that they send you one Kg spool not ten Kg spools. I could be wrong.

I cannot answer that. I have ordered from Fremover’s website several times, and they always came through, never a problem. I recently saw emails from them soliciting “pre-orders” for PLA+ from a shipment they were getting in. After that, they advertised PLA+ presumably from having gotten their order. At one point early on red, black, and white, were all sold out, then they refreshed those colors. Currently other colors are listed as sold out.

I wrote to them by email and they answered very quickly. I asked if it was 10 for $9.99 total, or 10 for $9.99 each — that said it’s each.

Well, hopefully they update the listing. So, basically the same price as one roll of random color… Might be better off coding random color. Hopefully I can still get an order in before the sale is over.

With 10x comes both free shipping and the 10% promo code.

I think their site basically has a glitch or incorrect coding of the listing, because it seems to be granting free shipping for only 1x of the random color-change rolls.

Yeah - I went with the 10x deal. Used it to get a wider variety of colors. Up until now, I printed everything in one color…until the spool was out. This should make printing a bit more fun.

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I ordered one of the recycled 10x spools. Just to see what happens (and I kind of wanted to have some very cheap filament). But they canceled my order this morning. Oh well.

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The site hasn’t changed though. Still $9.99, free shipping, and 10xkg. It is clearly a mistake, and I don’t need it. So I won’t be pushing the issue.


Yes, I know they are aware there is confusion about the listing because I had emailed them to let them know. They answered very quickly. I asked if it was 10 for $9.99 total , or 10 for $9.99 each — that said it’s each . They are expecting 10 rolls to be in an order that says 10x, even if their site mistakenly allows it to process with fewer. What’s interesting is the other instances on their site of this type of ganging up rolls in an order, do work correctly and disallow lesser quantities, so this one listing really is flawed.

I emailed again specifying the listing is flawed, and they wrote back quickly saying they will look into it.