Flashing Firmware Frustrations

Back again. I’m currently trying to reflash my firmware with this:

I cant figure out how to get it to compile. I keep getting an error stating that U8glib.h isn’t existing?

I have no clue what that means and have no clue how to fix it. Google searches and Youtube all assume I know something about arduinos… may have been true years ago. It’s probably a case of “if you don’t use it, you lose it”.

Thanks for the help again. Been trying to get past the steep learning curve of CAM, don’t think I have it in me to learn all about arduinos right now.

Have you followed all the steps on the firmware page, including using arduino 1.9? The pictures should really walk you through it.

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U8glib is a library, so you just need to find this file somewhere on the internets and add it to your Arduino IDE.

It’s fairly easy, just google the thing :slight_smile:

The firmware page really spells it out, thank you. Don’t know why I wasn’t able to find that page before.

And so that I don’t have to bother anyone with another question, to enable dual endstops on the rambo for lowrider, I “hash” out dual x motors and dual x endstops, and enable dual z and dual z endstops?

Unfortunately at this time it is not that easy, pin assignments have to be changed. A Marlin edit was pending almost a year ago to fix that but I am afraid it has probably gotten lost in the 2.0 changeover.

Or actually yes, if you start with my dual it should work just switching axis. It really is not worth doing on a lowrider though.