Flashing Firmware

I just realized I’m running the same firmware on both my 3d printer and MPCNC that I originally installed probably 2 years ago now.

How often do you update firmwares? I’m running Repetier on a RADDS board on the 3d printer and whatever version of Marlin that was prior to the endstops revision on a Ramps.

They’re both running really well, so I wonder if it’s even worth updating.

Meh, if it ain’t broke, fix it until it is.

Err… If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Can you see what version it is? Is it 1.1.x at least?

I’ll have to read the screen when I turn it on later. It at least has the V1 logo on the screen when it boots :slight_smile:

Some things have definitely improved but maybe wait until my next update, the current version is kinda wonky.

I’m running 1.1 rc7 on the MPCNC

Yikes, update the printer for sure. I am using the latest on mine and it all works better. From where you are I believe the LCD is a huge improvement as well as a ton of motion equation tweaks.

That firmware is only on the mpcnc. My 3d printer doesn’t even have a LCD as I control it through octoprint. Last I checked, the radds boards was only supported by repetier.