Flat Parts Available - Lowrider V2

For anyone looking to build a Lowrider V1 or V2 and need flatparts to get started I will make some available through here as needed.

I can do :

Lowride V2 w/o design - $85 + s&h

Lowride V2 w/ design - $125 + s&h

Lowrider V1 - Please Contact

Flat Parts Now Available atkinetechconcepts.com

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I’ll need the flat parts soon. Love the design ones but my budget doesn’t. I’ll get with you soon. Thanks

That’s Great, Anything I can to help support the community here.

Just let me know what you need and I’ll get them right out to you.

How much would the flat parts cost?

i would like to get a set of the flat parts without logo if possible

I will match the price that Ryan sells them for on his store, I am not trying to compete I just want to help the community by offering another source for getting their machine built when V1 is out of stock.

I will ship USPS flat rate to keep shipping simple.


I can do :

Lowride V2 w/o design – $85 + s&h

Lowride V2 w/ design – $125 + s&h

Lowrider V1 – Please Contact

MP3D - Please Contact


Hi Billy

I need the plat parts w/o design


Flat parts


Excuse me

I think I will have to set up some sort of cart and link to it to simplify this process to better help you guys out.

I will get something live asap.

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Please let me know where I can send money for a set of the flat parts without logo.



Thank you

Flat Parts Now Available atkinetechconcepts.com

Awesome, thanks for helping!

You should drop that link in the first post. Let me know if you can’t edit it.

@billy b

Thank you for your help. Ordered parts. Super easy

Whatever I can do to help the group and support ryan’s cause. Parts will ship asap.

Trying to buy from the site but gets stuck on step 1 shipping address and wont let me get to step 2 review and payment? I am wanting the clear acrylic 25.4mm version


Never Mind It started working =)

I see the order and will get them cut right away

It is looking like the Baltic is not strong enough and causing issues. You should probably switch to MDF.

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I haven’t experienced any issues with the parts on my rig, I have not attempted to laser mdf yet but I will look into it.

There are some “stiffening” parts on thingiverse now and 2 guys came and talked to me at MRRF about it. My BB is noticeably weaker than my MDF. Any extra load and the BB just isn’t strong enough.