Flat Parts

Why don’t you list the sizes for all the flat parts?


It is a DXF the dimensions are built in. Open it with a Cad program or DXF viewer and you can take any dimensions you want. It was made in MM, you will need to know that when you open it.

Boy I’m dumber then I thought . I don’t understand what you are saying.


Thw dxf format has the design, and the dimensions built in. All you have to do is open the .dxf files and measure in the CAD or CAM program.

DXF files are inherently unitless, so the CAD will measure 130, and you have to know that means millimeters.

Its also totally possoble that we are not understanding the question.

Try opening it in estlcam, it has basic measurements, or you can open it in a CAD program. Solidworks has a free DXF viewer with all sorts of fancy tools as well, edrawings viewer, http://www.solidworks.com/sw/products/free-cad-software-downloads.htm.

Where do I find the DXF files ? Just click on the part?

On the Lowrider parts, there is twice the link to the thingiverse page http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1958150 from there, you can either download the whole parts files package by clicking on the “Download all files” button , or by first selecting “Thing files” and downloading only the parts that interest you.

I’m not talking about the Printed parts , I talking about the Wood parts.

The wood parst arenin there too. They are the .dxf files. The .stl files are the printed parts.