Flat Parts


I plan to order my lowrider parts kit soon and was wondering about the flat parts. Are they going to be in stock soon, is there another way to get them. I dont have the ability to make them yet.

I am not sure. Everytime I go to make some something pops up. I hope to make some in the next few days. Keep checking the link from the shop to see if anyone is offering them in the forum. You can always print a template and make them with traditional tools.

I have two extra Y plates that I have cut, and can cut the router plate for you. The Y plates are 1/2 inch baltic birch. the 611 plate will be out of 1/4 mdf.

That would be awesome. How do we work out the logistics?

Ok, lowrider kit ordered. I am ready to do this build. I will try to make sure I get good pics of the build. Now I just need to get the flat parts and build a table.

shoot me an email.


email sent

Awesome thanks! I deleted your email since keep your spam down since it isn’t needed anymore.

I have been looking to make them out of .125 Aluminum plate. I am thinking my Tormach 1100 is big enough to make them in one setup. Havent looked at the model for them yet.

I never received an email.