Flip up table plans (First Time Builder)

Good day hive mind,
I have taken the plunge and have ordered all the parts to build my LowRider 2 CNC except for the wood and SS tubing. I have looked at a lot of the table builds and for space and mobility issues I like the horizontal flip up style like the one built by Leehart72 . So I have gone ahead and designed a table that allows a 4 x 8 spoil board to drop in into the table and then up to a 4 x 8 work piece to drop on top of that. I am going to use the 1 5/8 x 1 5/8 Unistrut for my tracks on either side for my tracks. I just want to put the design out here to see if I have made any glaring errors or if anyone has any suggestions.


Nice! I’m thinking of doing a vertical one. Well, technically 30 degrees from vertical. Just have to figure out a brake for the vertical axis. Could even use a counterbalance.

Looks great.

I’d make sure you have some weight in the base; that’s a lot of overhang and I’d worry about tipping when loading a sheet of ply.

Maybe a fold out kickstand or something on the ends.

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The issue I see here is having to fully remove the LR2 from the table to put it away. The verticle solution has it hanging in a way that will not put much twist on the sides from supporting the weight in that direction. Maybe I’m incorrect. Great looking table otherwise.