Floating Tool Mount

After doing some manual tests with a Harbor Freight wood burning tool in a mount I made, I anticipated some issues that might be helped by a mount that has some Z “float” - relying on the the tool weight to provide contact with the work surface, rather than driving it in with the motor.

Here’s the mount I came up with - it uses a miniature slide stage.

[attachment file=“WB Floating Z Tool Mount.jpg”]

First tests done in 1/8" plywood:

[attachment file=“WB tst on 12x12.jpg”]

[attachment file=“WB Test Crown.jpg”]

[attachment file=“WB Logos.jpg”]

[attachment file=“WB Warriors.jpg”]

My camera has some barrel distortion shooting close up - the squares are square, and the circles round.

[attachment file=“WB TIST.jpg”]

After changing to a sharper tip, I added some ramp-in on the next test in an attempt to minimize the spot at the beginning of the paths. This test was done in 1/4" balsa wood. Note precision fixturing.

[attachment file=“CNC Wood Burning_1.jpg”]

[attachment file=“CNC Wood Burning_2.jpg”]

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Oh, yeah that is great! I am adding that to the gallery right now, too cool.

That’s great! Can you post the STL to Thingiverse? I want to use a floating tool mount with a marker to make an eggbot (yes, it’ll need one more axis to rotate the egg).