Flood table

Hi new guy here,
Wondering if anyone here has built a flood table?
I am routing plastics and the cut edge of very nice when it has a water irrigation on the cutting bit.
I have seen only a couple of home built tables on the internet. Looking for more ideas.


I’ve not seen one like that yet. You’d want to use a spindle, the trim router’s air cooling will spray water everywhere.

Yes I agree it would be a spindle for sure!
Any suggestions on water cooled spindles?
Thanks for the input

Not really. Most water cooled spindles are kind of heavy. A few of us have cut hdpe without issues though. I’ve even cut acrylic with pretty good results.

What thickness and with what spindle?

The HDPE is quarter-ish inch, the acrylic is sixteenth inch I believe. All done with the dewalt 660.
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