FNG - Need another set of eyes

First - love the website. Total newbie/FNG on this new hobby. Have a guy in my military unit who tinkers with one as a hobby and I have been interested in one for a while. My loving wife tried to fill the void and bought a 3018 pro for my birthday a few weeks ago, but with her permission, I am going to pivot for a lowrider so we can do full sheets of plywood, or use planed down cedar to make outdoor furniture, etc.

I have been reading and reading and reading the website and I am amazed at how helpful this community is with one another. I figured I would earn a couple points by making my first post. :slight_smile:

With that said, in my cart are the items below. Prior to placing my order, am I missing anything? or are there any additional recommendations?

In the cart is LowRider2 CNC Bundle w/Rambo, LCD, DeWalt 1/8" Collet, 25.4mm printed parts, TFT35 V2.0 Touch Screen and the 25.4mm flat parts.



Best not to get this screen. It is just overstock and none of the firmware is compiled for it so you would be on your own. Best to use the one from the kit. I know it looks old but the TFT’s are very very very beta, and we still typically use them in the old school mode.

Thanks! Much appreciate the feedback.

Hijacking, but long time since I heard that term. Same here, the quarantine probably brought V1 a ton of FNG’s. Good luck with the lowrider!