"Foldable" Table?

Hello. I have recently put my order for the CNC kit here on the website after checking loads of things - except one, very important thing. Space. We have a garage, but with all the junk that is in there we will not be able to fit a table at all times, even if i go with only a Square meter machine. My question is, if it would be possible to make a table with hinges on the legs so that they can be folded inwards and save up space? Would this compromise the stability of the table too much to make it usable for the CNC? We have big “shelves” that hang from the roof that probably could fit a folded table but not a normal one. If this would make the CNC too unstable, are there any other ways you can Think of that I can use to save space? Thanks!

I saw someone attach a table to a winch. Then it would lift back up.

You also don’t need it at counter height. Some people put it on the shelf under a workbench.

You could also make a folding table work.

Look up Youtube, I have seen there a guy that made a folding wall table for his CNC.

I think if you made a torsion box and had heavy foldable legs on one side and attached it with heavy duty folding brackets on the wall you should be fine. The torsion box would keep it strong but lighter weight. People make fairly heavy duty folding workbenches that seem quite sturdy.


I almost went the ceiling route. I was going to use rope and pulleys to pull it up to the ceiling when not in use. Then I’d just lower it down on saw horses when I needed it.

I ended up building a rolling cart for it so I can just wheel it around the garage as needed. Nice thing is, I can build a bunch of drawers/cabinets into the base for more storage.

I wish I had room to do a fully enclosed machine to cut back on noise and dust.

Folding legs would probably be fine. Do a small torsion box for it so that as the stand moves around the top itself stays level.

Smart move. Thats the way I did it. 2’x4’ 2 level rolling workbench. Its easy enough to slap a 2x4 frame around it and enclose it. I had some scap 2x4s laying in the garage and chopped them up to build a frame that could be enclosed at some point.