Folding Bed?

Has someone considered making a ‘fold up’ bed? I don’t have room for a full size bed, but I could use a full size bed at times. Doing something like putting a 'table extension on would be possible, but due to the method of attachment of the geared tooth flat cable makes it problematic. At least I haven’t thought of a way around it.


This could really help many with small workspaces.

Thanks for your input!

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I have the same issue with where to put the LR when I’m not using it.
I made mine on a cart where I can store it folded up in a much narrower space. This part will cut a 4x4 piece. I have another table section so I can put them together to do a 4x8 piece. I haven’t completely worked out the whole scheme of things for the 4x8 yet. I hope this gives you some ideas.

[attachment file=67611]

[attachment file=67615]


I am thinking of a bed that will ‘go vertical’ so have a 4’ wide footprint, but only a 1 or 2 foot wide footprint when vertical, and fold-down legs for one end to help with being sturdier when ‘down’.

If I get my idea drawn, I will post the sketch.


Wow, nice!

JD, that is slick!

I also planned on having an expanding bed. I never got around to extending it though. There are a lot of ways to do that.

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JD, what rails are these? Interested in doing something similar although my inner perfectionist is a jump skip and hop from a 5x10’ 2x4x11ga steel table supported the same way this one is, I’ve seen one done for a plasma cnc, and although it weighed 500 pounds, it got the job done. The other issue is im double the cost of my ‘budget’ cnc. Then I’d want bigger motors, bigger belts, linear bearings blah blah blah, same reason I don’t have a table saw yet.