Fonts for cnc

How do you guys find fonts that cnc well? I have a gift for my Sister in law. Making newborn childs name into a large wooden puzzle. I found a couple, but there must be some good ones. I will be cutting recesses and letters will fit into them.

I’ve been disorganized with my fonts, so I cannot give you any specifics font names, but I have a mental classification I use:

  • Stick fonts are fonts that are written in a single stroke like a person might write with a pencil. They are nice because they are quick to carve, and they don’t require a v-bit. They are good for putting information on the back of a project like a serial number or a signature. When I last looked (several years ago) free stick fonts were hard to find.

  • No drop-out fonts. In these fonts, the interior of closed letters like ‘D’ and ‘O’ are connected to the exterior. Most fonts marked “stencil” are like this, though occasionally I see fonts not in the “stencil” style have this property. I use these fonts a lot with my laser.

  • Connected fonts. These are typically cursive fonts where the letters run together. For example, if you wanted to create an inspirational wall hanging from just a word, these fonts would work well. Though not required, these fonts also make it easy when layering text on top of another piece since you don’t have to worry about letter placement.

  • Fonts that v-carve well. This is subjective. Personally, I’m drawn to fonts with some variation in font width but are not so wide to need pocketing or have cuts “too” deep into the material.

When I’m looking for fonts for any reason, I tend to grab any font that fits in any of these four categories for future use.

So, a bunch of information that is not in any way helpful for your current project. As for your project, I would think any font that stylistically matches what you are trying to do would work. .

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Lets you type in a word or sentence and see it in all the fonts you have installed, plus an option for Google fonts. Need to unsteady the add-in for all the options, though.

If you need a new font, all I can say is to just go to and start scrolling.

Also, I’ve made about 40 of these. The little pegs are pretty cheap, and add some extra finish if you’re looking for ideas.


That is EXACTLY what I want to do. I will check it out, thank you!


Looks like I found one this a.m. I did not try searching ROUND in the font search.

Simply Rounded seems to be good. I will be trying this weekend. Thanks.


So it is ready for tack cloth and then finish!