Forest hang board

Made a hangboard hanger (finger strengthener for rock climbing) with laser etched forest background. Lowrider V2 base, Jtech laser, generic forest google image to inkscape to estlcam. Estlcam has a laser feature but haven’t gotten it to work well yet so just did holes/islands with a tool head of 0.20 mm.

Laser etching isn’t perfect, some lines skipped but there was probably wood crips on the roller path and I was slinging it at 60mm/s with the router still on it. I’m happy with it; no stinkin glowforge could have done it!


That might be one of the largest etchings yet! Nice work.


That’s a great idea!

You could put some encouraging statements on the bottom of that board as it looks pretty thick. Then, when you’re hanging there and look up, you’d see them :slight_smile:


I rented a bike that had a sticker on the top tube that said “pedal dammit”. It was quite encouraging. I only looked at the top tube when I was really struggling. (It was a niner, too expensive to own for me, but a fun bike to rent/demo).

What’s the equivalent? A sticker on the floor. “Hold on, dammit!”?


A sticker on the bottom of the beer that says “gravity sucks”

Good Idea! While I probably could take it off the wall and laser etch the bottom, think I’ll cut out another strip and glue it. Just in case I mess up or the message isn’t received well. “You’re weak if you give up!!”

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Hmm - “You quit, you drop” or maybe “quit now, fall later” or “feel the burn or enjoy the whip”. “Hold on, dammit” would probably work too.

Video explanation of a (extreme) whipper; FF to 1:50 for the good stuff

What style of niner were you riding? gravel bike, or mountain bike?

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A mountain bike. The bike I own and ride is a Kona process 134.