Forstener bit mount

I didn’t use my CNC machine :frowning: but I am happy with the results.


Looks great Jeff. Like the setup you got there.

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Looks good, but no diagonals?

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Once the box is installed, the frame stays square.

I’m more thinking under the frame support.

The box sits in a rabbet, so the frame can’t twist once the box is installed. You can’t see in the pictures, but the back of the pieces that are rabbeted are screwed into the rear board from the sides, with two screws each, so they will keep the box from tipping down.

Man, this is hard to describe when there are no labels for anything and no directions. The front won’t move side to side because of the rabbets, and the box. The front won’t tip down or up because of the two screws into the back board. If I’m still not getting it, please help me. :slight_smile:

I think the weakest point is that the front support is there to hold the two side pieces from spreading out, and letting the box through the hole. They are just held in place with glue, with just 1/4" or so of side grain. But I don’t plan on hitting it with any hammers, and the bits are well protected if it does fall, I just might break the box they came in.

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