Forum App Support

hey Ryan,

does the forum support any apps to make it easier to interact from a mobile device?

apps such as tapatalk?



I am not sure. Maybe someone can tell us if they use something specific. I actually have no idea what it takes to make that app work. I can look into it unless someone has a better app? I have been using my phone a lot lately and have not had any scaling issues or anything. Is there something specific that doesn’t work?

Is this box a funny shape because of the dark-er style?

Do you normally use the text version, instead of visual?

I don’t think it’s because of the theme. I think it’s like that with the standard non-themed look, but the border isn’t visible and the surrounding area is the same color as the text block so it doesn’t stand out. It’s only the “Text” editor.

Yeah, I never use visual.

I find it easier to use the app instead of loading a website in a browser and logging in and navigating.

I can still use the browser, just though i’d ask.

Tapatalk says there should be an option with most forum systems. You need to install a plugin and then do a setup on their page i believe.

On firefox and chrome, if you bookmark the page, there’s an option to make a shortcut.

Personally, I avoid installing as many apps. They each pose a strong security and privacy risk. Installing instagrsm means facebook knows where you go, etc.

I get here by emails. I subscribe to almost everything and then have a gmail filter to sort them into a v1 folder and I go there when I want to spend sone time here.

I did a quick search and tapatalk does not work on wordpress based sites, which is a very large number. I did not see any alternatives either. The apps see to be based on one type of forum phppress, etc.