Forum weirdness

For a long time, I’ve had the impression that when I click reply on a post within a topic, my new post doesn’t show that it’s a reply to a specific earlier post. I never understood if it’s my brain that’s at fault, or if somethings up with the forum. But today, alas, I got a confirmation that I might not be that brain damaged after all! Here is an example of what is happening:

It’s not a major issue, but sometimes it’s a little annoying, when threads grow long, and we don’t see what reply goes where.

I noticed the same thing, but I believe that you don’t get the link if your posts is directly below the one that your replyed to. You only get the link if your reply is separated from the post you reply to.


Reply from the button, test.

Reply from your Original Post, test.

Reply to Robert’s post.

Well, I knew that was in there but didn’t know the specifics. Learn something new every day, thanks for that!

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Hello there. Edit: It said in the text input that it was a reply to previous post, but it doesn’t show.

I think you are right!

I’ve also seen it happen where I hit reply and someone else pops in while I’m writing and it will point back to the previous post.

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That’s neat. If I’m afraid that the chain of reference is interrupted, I can always use quotes to be sure.


Or the @turbinbjorn

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