Found objects uses cnc waste

It is a little oversold, but the idea is interesting. Adding extra parts to your job to use up the waste in the sheet. I wonder if you can add in your own parts of if it only works for these parts.

I don’t make enough for it to work for me.


As you say, it seems to be a little oversold - but even trimming tiny offcuts to make a kind of jigsaw that could be glued as a core material could be interesting to explore.

In the example drawing I’m sure I could create a lot less waste by nesting manually! (Says the bloke who hasn’t fired up his machine…)

Another two months till we’re home - and the interest is building! :smiley:

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Very interesting. Pair it with and it probably gets even better.

Automatic part generation is cool, have it only run those parts after you remove the rest though so you can get on with your work adds better production efficiency.

This takes extra nesting time, extra CAM time, and more importantly more machine time and endmill use. So the parts would need to have some value coming off the line. The little step stool, wall art, and shelf they showed would probably sell so it seems like a very valid idea.


Not exactly related, but I had an idea a while back, wondering if there is a way to up-cycle discarded furniture (often broken) laying by the side of the road on bulky-item-pickup day. I was thinking perhaps one could roll up, cut out a “puzzle-piece” from an undamaged section of the furniture (using a robot of course). Then at home assemble all the puzzle pieces with glue into a 4x8 sheet, somewhat like a patchwork quilt.

Then from the 4x8 sheet you can make your Adirondack chair or whatever.


That is far above my paygrade!

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Whoa, now these types of things need to be in a Links section somewhere!!!


Also G-Code Test Pattern Generator

Very open to ideas for organization!