Found these at Harbor Freight (Harbor Crate)

Was in Harbor Freight the other day and saw these. TWENTY (ten pairs) carbide 1/8" shank bits. For $7.99
They say solid carbide and the feel weight wise carbide.
Of course I know you get what you pay for but had to try.
What is crazy the start at 0.008" (.20mm) which I cannot picture cutting air… and ends at a more realistic 0.052" (1.32mm). 40 cents a piece. Yep I’m sure they will be worth 40 cents.
Have not tried yet and sure not expecting much but what the heck. Any suggestions on feeds? I’m thinking SLOW but full RPM?
Best thing is look what they are suggested for!!! A HAND DRILL :slight_smile:

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That’s great, lol. Nice that the one big enough to inspect seems to have actual flutes. Usually these things are grinders and getting cut material out of the way doesn’t seem like a good prospect.
I think the combination of hand drill and 30k rpms is outstanding, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from HF!
Let us know how it goes.

I have a set similar to this from Princess Auto (same as harbor freight, but Canadian) that I used to mill circuit boards with my 3018. Well, 2 circuit boards anyway. Better than I thought. I tried the big one with MDF. Don’t

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These are drill bits, not endmills, so they won’t cut sideways. And being so thin they would break anyway even if they did have sharp edges on the sides.

In theory you could peck drill a whole job but that’s going to take an eternity.


Be very careful with these especially the larger ones. The aren’t rated for the rpms of the router and may fly apart violently if they are off center.

It does say 30000 rpm on the pack ?
It also says use with drills

Couldn’t see the fine print on the package on my phone. 30,000 RPM? Now I’m curious too.

I bet these are for a dremel based drill press or some kind of micro press.

This post has been slightly mis-understood. Harbor Freight is a US company that fills the need of providing absolute copies at very cheap price. However through the years they have upped their game. I use them a lot for non-critical tools.
I saw these and seriously laughed but for $7.99 for twenty bits. They are definitely made for the CNC type and even have the plastic color code collar. 0.2mm is just crazy but the 1.32mm ones may have potential.

Typical Harbor Freight (I call it Harbor Crate as a joke) They mention 30,000 RPM but show a photo of a hand held drill! They are two flute end cutting carbide and do have sharp edges, at least under a magnification.

Anyway just sharing a silly thought. I will continue to buy my serious bits from Ryan :smile:

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For sure for CNC and just hysterical they show a 3/8" portable hand drill WHILE mentioning 30,000 RPM. My expectations aren’t high. but $8 who cares.

I will have to try them I use 1mm mills and .5mm all the time from Amazon about 2 $each.

I’m reasonably convinced that Princess Auto’s “Power Fist” brand is the same thing. Like I said, I have a kit that looks close to the same, and I used it to etch PCBs. It worked reasonably well, but it’s not like I went and measured all of the gaps for tolerances.

Very small endmills are going to break even if they’re well made. It doesn’t take much to snap a tiny little spear of carbide, and if I’m cutting something that I need 0.5mm or less, I either really need accuracy, or I just need something that will separate one area from the next, like on a PCB. The latter much more common than the former.

In that case, might as well buy the cheap ones if I can get 'em

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Been on other projects outside but need to just try a few cuts.
Would make a funny YouTube to chuck a few up in a hand drill as the recommend and just crush through a few :smiley::joy:


Well, now you HAVE to…

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