Fractal Vise

So I was avoiding work this AM and stumbled across this critter which I found fascinating:

Comments for Fractal Vise by TeachingTech - Thingiverse

It’s by the guy from Teaching Tech who saw a restoration of the original and recreated it with 3d printed parts.

I have no idea what I’d use it for but I’d love to have one.

Heres a link to the heavy duty original restoration:


Yup I got drawn to that one as well. Super cool idea, then an even more amazing printed design. I bet that printed one does a pretty good job. Prints do well in compression.


I subscribe to Michael’s channel, don’t know how I missed this video.

Guess I know what my next printing project is!

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Yeah, that one passed through my threads as well. I’m really intriguiged to try out printing one.

Perhaps a good alternative to a mechanical vise for holding down odd shaped objects for engraving?? I’ve always wanted to try stone in a water bath… :crazy_face:

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