Frame Material Densions


I’m ready to purchase the MDF for the MP3DP frame. Are there any suggestions for dimensions of the sizes I need for each piece? I want to have the hardware store cut a 4 x 8 sheet in manageable pieces for hauling home in my jeep. I can’t see any dimensions in the frame dxf files.

I’m going off of memory here, but I think the biggest dimension is 14". If it’s less than 1/2" thick, then I’d cut two of the front and back panels, so you can make it a little more stiff.

They sell 2x2 sheets of MDF at lowes. If you lay it out well it will fit on one of those. Assuming your using a cnc to cut it.

I have have some 1/2", so I should be able to use that for the front and back panels, right?

Yep, that would be good. You’ll have a little shorter Y axis that way… Now that I’m thinking about it, is there a good reason to not just attach it to the outside of those parts to keep the Y size? IMO, the front and back panel are the most critical, then I would cut out the base I made on TV, to keep it from racking side to side, or just put it on a board, and put in some nails or something. I made mine out of 1/4" MDF and made those two changes, and it’s very solid.


I just downloaded the base dfx and it’s not loading properly in ESTLCAM. Attached a screen shot. It appears the it’s corrupted or something.

FYI, that’s my base, not part of the original MP3DP. I’ll fix that dxf. Did you get it from TV?

BTW, the problem is that EstlCAM doesn’t transform components correctly, so I have to open it in libreCAD and explode everything.

I think this “Exploded” one shouldn’t have that issue.

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Yes I got from TV.

Yes I got it from TV.