Free nesting software

Stumbled across an open source software package called “Deepnest” which will nest your cutting files nicely for you.

Free and it is a cracker.



No way…that looks awesome!

And there is a heap of fun to be had in the preferences too


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Oh. This is awesome.

Did anyone try this one? If so what´s your experience?

The other week I was cutting like 15 similar shapes out of a piece of wood, and it was rather annoying to manually align everything (although it did work ; ). So this would help, a lot, like decreasing cutting time and less waste.

I´ve installed this software to give it a try, and it looked promising, however I read on the web that the software is more or less abandoned because the creator no longer has time to maintain it. I also found that this software uploads your data to a remote server to do the calculations. I´m not to worried about that one, but if it really gets abandoned a local copy will no longer work :frowning:

Worry about that tomorrow would be my thinking. It is a cracker IMHO.

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