Fresh build from Toronto Canada

Well here she is in all her glory! I started this build over a year ago. Well the printing of parts anyways. That’s why there is a few different colours. Thank you very much Ryan for designing and opening this to the public.


I’ve opted for the ramps 1.4 board for now and may upgrade to a Rambo board in the future. I’ve wired in the end stops but have not connected them but will use the feature I the future.

Late last night after Game Of Thrones I got the belts all hooked up and put the pen mount on and ran the crown test. I was quite excited to see it all in action. My crown test does look a bit bumpy I think that might have to do with belt tension though. Not sure yet. I will be making a file in inkscape to test other shapes before I move on to cutting foam.

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Oops, seems like I can’t upload the photos via mobile. Well here they are. I’ve kept some extra belt and taped them to the legs for the time being, at least until I’m certain I won’t need to make any adjustments.